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  • 1200mm PP hollow corrugated sheet extrusion machine for Iran customer
    Our screw plasticizing ability is strong, it can achieve high filling out high quality plate, and our stress drying oven is stainless steel, it can reflect heat, energy saving effect is good.
  • PP PE ABS HIPS PMMA Plastic Sheet Extrusion Machine
    PP PE ABS HIPS PMMA Plastic sheet extrusion machine with co-extrusion system for 1600mm width and 1-6mm thickness made for our customer from Algeria, the complete machine has been installed well at customer's factory, and our engineer has done good training for customer's engineer, now they are running the complete production line stably for making high quality plastic sheet.
  • 16-63mm PE pipe making machine from Mangolia
    This PE pipe making machine is made for our customer from Mangolia, it is used for making 16-63mm water supplying pe pipe, it equips with single screw extruder, mold, water cooling and vacuum cooling tank, double caterpillar pull off machine, automatic cutting machine, double station winding machine.
  • PVC spiral reinforced hose extrusion machine line for Iraq Customer
    We have tested our PVC spiral reinforced hose making machine Today, it is made for our customer from Iraq,the customer will use this PVC spiral hose for wastage drain hose for washing basin.
    The PVC spiral reinforced hose making machine equips with automatic feeding device, two sets of single screw extruder, high quality die head, auto spiral winding device, water cooling system, automatic length cutting machine, automatic product stacking machine.
  • WPC granules extrusion line for recycled PP PE plastic and wood composition
    The WPC granules extrusion line is used for making WPC granules from recycled PP PE plastic and wood powder, the wood powder content can be 60-70%. the traditional WPC granules extrusion line has disadvantage of big environment pollution because some little wood powder will go to air when doing feeding and extrusion. and also the moisture from material shall also be vent to air from the extruder.
  • How to Operate Tongsan High speed Corrugated Pipe Machine
    As professional manufacturer for plastic corrugated pipe machine, Tongsan is focusing on machine quality, technology development, and good service. Now because of Covid problem, the international flights are cancelled, and we cannot send engineers to abroad customer's factory for machine installation and training. so we have made very professional and detailed video for the high speed corrugated pipe machine operation.
  • Plastic Shrinkable Corrugated pipe machine for Algeria customer
    We have sold the Shrinkable corrugated pipe machine to our Algeria customer. the customer is making this corrugated pipe for washing basin drain hose, we have installed the machine in Algeria successfully and the customer is very satisfied with our machine quality and service
  • 600mm PVC edge banding sheet machine installed in Kosovo
    We have installed the 600mm PVC edge banding sheet machine in Kosovo.We have sent engineers to customer's factory for machine installation and training, and we give good formulation to the customer to make high quality edge banding sheet with low cost by adding 20% CaCo3.
  • PP fruits packing box production machine for Dominican customer
    As professional manufacturer for PP box making machines, we have supplied the PP fruits packing box production line for our Dominican customer. it includes the mixing machine, crushing machine, PP hollow sheet extrusion line for 2100mm width, automatic four color printing machine, auto die cutting machine, water chiller and other auxiliary devices.
  • 50-250mm high speed HDPE double wall corrugated pipe machine installed in Mali
    We have installed 50-250mm HDPE double wall corrugated pipe machine for our customer in Mali, this line is designed for high speed DWC pipe making, it equip with fast cooling Aluminum mold with both water circling cooling and vacuum cooling. the line also equipped with automatic cutting machine and winding machine. The molds are designed with online logo making and online socketing making.
  • PVC fiber reinforced hose making machine installed in Nigeria
    We have installed PVC fiber reinforced hose making machine to our customer in Nigeria.the line is equipped with two extruders for PVC layer and also the woven machine for making fiber for inner layer. the PVC fiber reinforced hose is widely used in agriculture and garden water. the Nigeria customer is very satisfied with our machine quality and and service.
  • 35mm WPC foam board machine installed in Kuwait.
    Our Kuwait customer has ordered the 80/173 Model WPC solid foam board production line, it is for making 1220mm width solid WPC board which can be used for furniture making, door panel, partition wall. the thickness is from 3-35mm adjustable.
    When the WPC foam board machine arrived at Kuwait customer's factory, we sent engineers to do installation, commissioning and training, their workers learned well about how to operate the machine and how to adjust the formulation.
  • WPC door turnkey production machines installed in Tunisia
    we have installed the turnkey WPC door production project in Tunisia.including door panel extrusion machine, door frame extrusion machine, painting machine, lamination machine, engraving machine. we also provided the formulation and raw material to the customer.
    We have sent three engineers to customer's factory, and they have stayed in Tunisia for two months, they installed the machine, and runned each machine, and they teach the Tunisia engineer to operation the door making machines.
  • 1600mm ABS sheet co-extrusion machine line for Algeria customer
    Our Algeria customer has ordered the 1600mm Width ABS sheet co-extrusion line, it equipped with material mixing machine, material drying machine, single screw extruder, mold, three roller calendaring machine, cooling stacker, edge trimming device, pull off machine, cutting machine and stacker.
    The complete line has tested well in our factory, and we have sent engineer to customer's factory for machine installation and training successfully.
  • PVC pipe machine for Ivory Coast Customer
    We have installed PVC pipe machine line in Ivory Coast, Abidjan city. this line can make 50-160mm diameter PVC pipe, it equipped with online laser printer machine, PVC pipe belling machine, PVC mixing machine and other auxiliary devices.
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