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How to make low cost WPC door?

How to make low cost WPC door?
Update Time:2019-11-18
Our WPC door production formula use 40% low cost filler material(wood powder and CaCo3), the material cost with this formula shall be around 0.7-0.8USD/kg. and the product density shall be around 0.92gram/cm3.
wpc door making machine
wpc door panel
We have tested many times of our WPC door production machines to develop a best formula for making high quality and low cost WPC door panel and WPC door frame. finally we have build our own WPC door production formula. this formulation has also good used in our customer's factory and get very good market feedback.
wpc door frame machine
wpc door profile
Below is one of our tested WPC door  and door frame formulation for reference.
WPC door material
WPC door
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