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How to design the WPC door frame profile product?

How to design the WPC door frame profile product?

Update Time:2020-11-12
The common type of wpc hollow type door frame
wpc door frame
A type hollow WPC door frame

B type hollow WPC door frame

C type WPC hollow door frame

K type WPC hollow door frame

Comparative advantage of WPC

For now, WPC material is a little more expensive than wood. But the cost is reducing as the manufacturer is finding more efficiency producing method and using recycling plastic. Even though the WPC cost higher, customers would like to pay more on it because of the advantage of this composite material.

1. It is environment friendly.

It used recycling material

No need to be embalmed.

2. No need of daily maintain, long usage life than the wood

No moisture absorbtion, no decay, insect control, no cracking, no deformation.

Not sensitive to cold and hot environment.

3. Polyolefin wood-plastic composite have good mechanical properties and can be widely used as load-bearing structural materials.

4. 95% of the raw materials of polyolefin wood-plastic materials are recycled materials, so the cost is relatively low and the products can be 100% recycled.

5. PVC WPC composite material increase impact strength and reduces specific gravity through micro foaming, which is truly imitated wood.

We can offer the turnkey project for the WPC  door project
pvc wpc profiles production line
PVC wpc door panel production line