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How to treat the surface of PVC WPC door panel ?

How to treat the surface of PVC WPC door panel ?

Update Time:2020-11-12
The feature of the PVC WPC door
PVC WPC door
The advantage of PVC WPC door
1. There is a certain proportion of auxiliary materials in the wood-plastic door formula system. Stabilizers, foaming agents, modifiers, etc. are mixed in, and various ingredients are mixed in strict proportions to effectively ensure the product quality of foamed boards.

2, wood plastic door is durable, long life, has the appearance of wood, higher hardness than plastic products, good rigidity, excellent physical properties, better dimensional stability than wood, no cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, etc. . With secondary workability of wooden doors, it can be sawed, planed, bonded, and fixed with nails or screws.

3. The wood-plastic door has good flame retardancy. The wood-plastic door does not support combustion when it is exposed to fire. After testing, Guoqiang wood-plastic suit door has an oxygen index of 48 and its fire performance rating is B1. This performance of Longqiao wood-plastic suit door will greatly improve the fire safety point of homes and houses.

4. Various surface treatment technologies, such as thermal transfer, peritoneum or baking varnish. According to the needs of customers, they can produce gorgeous and diverse appearance, high stability and long life.

5. The special structure design of the wood-plastic door with reasonable structure and high strength ensures the ideal internal structure of the wood-plastic foam material, coupled with the excellent formula design and reasonable production technology, which guarantees the strength of the product. Wood-plastic door quick-installation structure, saving time and effort. The wood-plastic door adopts the fast-installation structure imported from Germany. The door cover is extremely convenient to install. Save effort.

What is the difference between paint door and paint-free door
The paint-free wpc door
The paint wpc door

(1) Manufacturing process
The paint-free door is coated with paint and sucked directly; the paint door needs to be sprayed into the drying room for heating and drying

(2) Process requirements
The paint-free door is formed at one time, and the construction period is short, that is, it can be enjoyed when the work is handed over

(3) Material difference
The paint-free door is mainly a door made of PVC on a high-density board and then undergoing a certain processing process; the base material of the baking paint door is also a density board.

(4) Color vision
It has the texture of logs and a variety of color changes; the paint door is bright in color and has a strong visual impact.

(5) Surface feel
The surface of the paint-free door product is smooth and lubricated, the surface of the paint door is good, smooth, and feels good without oil stain.

(6) Environmental protection comparison
Paint-free doors reduce paint pollution and save time, so paint-free doors are more low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

(7) Maintenance and repair
The appearance of the paint-free door is easy to be scratched and difficult to repair, and it is easy to open the plastic deformation. The paint door is afraid of bumps and scratches. Once it is damaged, non-professional repair is more difficult.

The WPC door making machine
HGMSM series door panel production line

The production line consists of extruder, mould, calibrating platform, Haul off machine, cutting machine and stacker.

The extruder adopts specially designed screw, to ensure the door panel extrude steadily and foam uniformly.

Calibrating platform adopts one body structure with adequate material.In case of shaking during production. 

Haul off machine adopts twin caterpillar structure ,the material of rubber block is silica gel.The haul off force is big and the speed is uniformly .

Cutting machine adopts saw blade cutting, equipped with dust collection device.

The production line runs stably and reliably during production.