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Why use PP hollow sheet box to replace canton box?

Why use PP hollow sheet box to replace canton box?

Update Time:2020-09-14
Why use PP box to replace canton box?

PP plastic hollow plate is a new type of environmental protection products, no pollution, no harm, meet the requirements of green environmental protection. The product has large internal quality, flat surface, high breaking strength, flame retardant, good moisture-proof performance, zero surface water and steam penetration, heat insulation, good energy saving effect. Especially the refrigerator with external condenser has excellent adiabatic effect. The company can make all kinds of refrigerator, freezer, washing machine back and base according to customer's request

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Comparing of canton packing material and PP hollow sheet material
1, Paper - paper fear of water, fear of tide, perishable, can not guarantee the quality of the product transport, there may be increased costs, so most of the cartons, cartons, cardboard and other paper products can only be used once. 
2, PP hollow sheet related products can be flexibly produced, compared to the expensive plastic injection box, PP hollow sheet box cheaper many, customized according to customer size, thickness, toughness, hardness, printing, etc. 
3, Traditional cartons will be broken after several times of using, the PP hollow sheet  crates life is about 20 times of the carton material, or even longer, it can reduce the using cost greatly.  
4, And the PP hollow sheet products are non-toxic, pollution-free, environmental protection, waterproof, moisture-proof, shock absorption and other characteristics, compared with traditional cardboard, wood, easy to use, easy to store, can be reused, long life, but also recycling, Higher social and economic value.