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Engineer go to Uk for installation WPC granulator machine by October 2019

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Engineer go to Uk for installation WPC granulator machine by October 2019
Issue Time:2019-10-06
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We have sold three sets of WPC granulator machine to our customer from United Kingdom, the WPC granulator machine has been deliveried in June 2019, and now the WPC granulation machines are arrived to customer's factory safely without any damage in shipment.
It includes three sets of SHMS75 WPC granulation machine with high quality parts and reasonable design, it also equipped with 6 sets of 8 CBM material storage bin for the WPC mixture material and WPC granules material.
WPC granulation machine for UK customer
The WPC granulation machine is used for making WPC granules or WPC pellets from recycled PP/PE plastic mixing with max.70% wood powder, the WPC granules can be used for making WPC products by extrusion or injection processing.
As per customer's requirements, we shall send our engineers to customer's factory in United Kingdom in October 2019 to installation the WPC granulation machines, our engineer will stay in UK for around 20 days for installing the WPC granulation machines and running the WPC granulation machines, we shall also do training for customer's engineer to guide them to operate our WPC granulator machine for continuously production.
WPC granulator machine
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