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Co-extrusion for WPC decking making machine

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Co-extrusion for WPC decking making machine
Issue Time:2019-09-30
Co-extrusion for WPC decking making machine
WPC products are widely used in the construction field, such as outdoor decking, wall cladding, pergola, fencing system. but the normal WPC products has been found has some disadvantages when long time installed outside, such as cracking problem and color fading after long time using.
So to avoid these problem and make higher quality WPC products, co-extrusion technology has been developed and good accepted by the market.
The WPC decking and other WPC profiles after co-extrusion can be used outside for long time without cracking problem or color fading problem.
Co-extrusion WPC decking
Co-extrusion WPC decking installed
Co-extrusion material
The Co-extrusion WPC products are made with two types of material by ABA structure, the B inner layer is made by normal PP PE WPC granules, and the A outer layer is made by high quality PP PE resin with special Chemical masterbatch, such as UV masterbatch, color masterbatch, anti-oxygen masterbatch...
By using special mixed color masterbatch, we can also make wooden pattern color on the WPC profiles co-extrusion surface.
Co-extrusion material
wooden color co-extrusion WPC decking machine
Co-extrusion machine for WPC decking making machine
The co-extrusion machine for WPC decking machine is single screw co-extruder with auto drying hopper, and the co-extrusion designed mold for ABA layer. the Co-extruder is very small with capacity of 15-20 kg/hour to make 0.6-1.0mm thickness Co-extrusion layer, the Co-extruder can be added in the WPC decking extrusion line easily by connect with the co-extrusion die head. 
Co-extruder with single screw extruder
Co-extrusion WPC decking mold
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