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PP WPC car trunk mat thermoplastic sheet production line send to Uzbekistan

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PP WPC car trunk mat thermoplastic sheet production line send to Uzbekistan
Issue Time:2020-03-02
We delivery the PP WPC sheet line to Uzbekistan customer
 On 2th,March,2020,Qingdao HEGU deliver four 40 container to Uzbekistan customer factory.
This SJMS92/188 conical double screw extruder used for the PP WPC thermoplastic sheet and PVC marble sheet making machine .
The total production line also include the pp wpc granulating line for the raw materials perpares.
We can offer the turnkey project of the wpc project and can make the machine accordig your requirments.
The application of the PP WPC thermoplastic sheet
PP WPC thermoplastic sheet
car trunk mat
car trunk interior sheet
The  car trunk mat is also called a car trunk mat, which refers to a mat placed on the bottom of a car trunk. The car trunk is a place for storing items, and its role cannot be ignored. Car trunk mat is an environmentally-friendly automotive interior component that integrates five major functions of water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, sound insulation, and protection of the trunk carpet.

Feature of the car trunk mat,
1, non-slip-every time you travel, the items you bring can be safely placed in the trunk of the car, the carefully designed non-slip surface of the trunk pad, so that they will not be scattered due to bumps, giving you the most complete protection .
2. Waterproof-The trunk mat is made of waterproof PE material, which is UV-resistant, oil-resistant, and tough. It can prevent sand, mud, water, snow, and oil from polluting the trunk.
3, anti-fouling-carrying flowers and trees, goods, placing wet items, rain gear, three-dimensional high-side design to effectively prevent dirt from overflowing and polluting your car.
4, protection-high-density foaming material, sound insulation, good shock absorption flexibility. Carefully protect every corner of your trunk from all kinds of attacks.

The PP WPC sheet machine running video
The machine list for the PP  WPC production line:
1,the automatic feeder
2,the SJMS92/188 conical double screw extruder
3,The die mould for PP WPC sheet
4,the three roller calibrator and the cloth unwinder roller
5,Haul oss device
6,cooling bracket
7,Haul off device
8,cutting machine
9,Automatic manipulator

Qingdao HEGU customized the PP WPC car trunk mat thermoplastic sheet production line for Uzbekistan custmer.,the thermoplastic sheet mainly used for for automotive interior sheet,we can provide the good quality machines as what you want to make.

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