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WPC door panel making machine testing for Africa customer

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WPC door panel making machine testing for Africa customer
Issue Time:2020-03-16
WPC door panel making machine running
Some details for WPC door panel making machine
Conical double screw extruder
Conical double screw extruder
SJMS92/188 with 90kw motor
WPC hollow type door panel mold
WPC hollow type door panel mold
Width 1000mm,thickness 40mm
Calibrator platform
Calibrator platform
High effective cooling
Automatic cutter
Automatic cutter
With PLC controller
WPC door panel production line
WPC door panel production line
At the capacity 400-600kg/h
PVC WPC door products
PVC WPC door products
The surface with laminating  or prainting
Hegu service for the WPC door project

Before order

1,Customized the production line and auxiliary machine according final products,and show all technical parameter to buyer,provide the turnkey project to customer.

2,Free machine running when customer visit our factory for quality inspection .

3, Design the mold drawing according customer requirements.

4,Design the machine layout and water and electricity layout according buy factory.

5,Any technical parameter support if customer in need.


In production

1,Confirm the mold drawing after received the down payment.

2,Start the product asap and updates the production status every 10 days.

3,Confirm the water and electricity layout and other accessories,ensure plant preparations well before the machines arrives.

4,Determine raw material preparation in customer factory.

5,Within 60 working days after receiving the advance payment, the seller shall notify the buyer to carry out the inspection

6,Arrange machine and mold testing to ensure customer or third party inspection satisfaction.

7,The seller shall complete the packing of the goods within 15 working days after receiving the full payment and be ready to ship.

8,The seller shall inform the buyer of the exact loading time and the buyer shall arrange to supervise the scope of the loading.


Machine in customer factory

1,After determining the date of the machine arrived customer's factory, arrange our professional engineer to install and debug the machine.

2,What the engineer should to do at the customer's plant:
2.1 Quickly install, debug the machine to normal operation and ensure product good quality products.

2,2 Provide the formula for production.

2.3 Teach workers how to use and maintain machines,solutions to daily problems in production

2.4Any production technical support for customer need.

3,Technical support online

  If any problems when production we will reply online asap,within 24 hours to give the solution.

4, Warranty

4.1 Warranty period: 12 months from the first day of operation of the machine in the customer's warehouse
  4.2 The seller shall guarantee that service and spare parts are free of charge throughout the warranty period of the equipment.

4.3Lifetime service: After the 12-month warranty clause, the seller should provide lifelong service for the goods sold and provide the buyer with the payment for the required spare parts.

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