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3D embossing wood-plastic decking making machine testing

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3D embossing wood-plastic decking making machine testing
Issue Time:2020-03-25
  • PE WPC wood-plastic flooring machine testing

Wood-plastic floor has a variety of designs can be selected, divided into embossing and no embossing . Embossing effect can get by online embossing device or offline embossing machine.
The embossing design looks like real wood,it 's very beautiful.
PE WPC decking with embossing
Wood grain
 The wood - grain floor is pressed with an embossing machine and looks very beautiful
PE WPC decking
no Wood grain
There is no embossing process in the woodless floor
3D embossing PE WPC decking
Wood grain
PE WPC decking with online 3D embossing
pe wpc decking
Wood grain and no Wood grain
The extrusion line can produce no embossing decking by adjust the embossing roll height.
The PE WPC decking production line running video
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