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PVC WPC wall panel laminating machine

PVC WPC wall panel laminating machine

PVC WPC wall panel laminating machine
PVC WPC wall panel laminating machinePVC WPC wall panel laminating machinePVC WPC wall panel laminating machine
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PUR lamination machine

This PUR lamination machine is Mainly used for color laminating on the surface of the PVC profile, coating polyurethane (PUR glue) (brand: Kleb, Henkel, Jowat, Fuller etc.)

This is a new developed glue which has great different with our kinds of glue. It is equipped with good solvent resistance, water resistance, good steam resistance and cold resistance. PUR glue is a kind of activity glue. It is equipped with the physical solidification (cold condition) and chemical solidification. Chemical solidification means chemical reaction when laminate, which make molecular far-acting between film and profile. Physical solidification takes only a few seconds, but chemical coagulation reach ultimate bonding strength should be 2 ~ 5 days. When laminating, PUR glue comes from liquid into solid; therefore it is no longer change state even under the action of cold, heat, water and steam. Main technical performance of PUR glue: softening temperature is about 100 , the Brookfield is about 25 000 mpas / 150 , the thermal stability of temperature is about 150 , the recommended processing temperature is about 150 , to achieve ultimate strength takes about 5 days (Purmelt HKP 26 Dorus glue).


Note when using PUR glue: 1) because of it is work with moisture in the air, so it must be filling and storage without touching air, 2) before using, open for plastic containers in the shortest possible time

Glue device should be cleaned thoroughly after processing. PUR glue has special cleaning agent, such as: Purmelt-Cleaner made by Dorus Company. The recommended working temperature is 100 ~ 170 . Normally, Purmelt detergent should work in the same temperature with PUR glue. Purmelt cleaner main technical performance: softening temperature is about 72 , the, Brookfield is about 6 500 mpas / 130 , density of 0.95 g/cm3

PVC WPC wall panel with lamination

Main Technical Parameters

Wrapping Width       5300mm

Wrapping Height         125mm

Wrapping Speed             040m/min

Transmission Power          2.2KW

Weight                      3000Kg

PUR laminatio machine
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