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SJMS65/132 Wood Plastic Composite WPC extruder machine

SJMS65/132 Wood Plastic Composite WPC extruder machine

SJMS65/132 Wood Plastic Composite WPC extruder machine
SJMS65/132 Wood Plastic Composite WPC extruder machineSJMS65/132 Wood Plastic Composite WPC extruder machineSJMS65/132 Wood Plastic Composite WPC extruder machineSJMS65/132 Wood Plastic Composite WPC extruder machine
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machineSJMS65/132 WPC extruder machine
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Update Time2020-07-06
Detail Information
SJMS65/132 WPC extruder machine
SJMS65/132 WPC Extruder machine is specially used for extrusion WPC profiles, such as WPC decking, WPC wall cladding, WPC door frame, WPC window profile, WPC Fence panel.
According to different product requirements, we equip special screw and barrel according to different raw material, it can both used for PE WPC profile and PVC WPC profile by changing screw.
WPC extruder machine
Auto feeder for WPC extruder machine
Made from Stainless steel,
with spiral screw feeding
equip 1.1kw motor
WPC door frame extrusion line
Main structure of WPC extruder machine
SJMS65/132 Model: 150kg/h capacity
equip Bimetallic screw specially designed for WPC
Vacuum exhuasting system for taking moisture
WPC door frame extrusion line
Electric control for WPC extruder machine
Siemens PLC control
ABB inverter
Siemens contractor
Omron temperature control
WPC door frame extrusion line
Temperature control system for WPC extruder machine
Barrel heating: Aluminum heater or infrerad heater
barrel cooling: blowing fan cooling
Temperature control: Omron, with thermocouple for each heating zone, automatic temperature control system
Technical description of SJMS65/132 WPC extruder machine

Extruder standing table, made by high quality casting iron, surface polished and painted.

Frames are made by steel panel with riser vents,

Screw:  Bimetallic screw,


Screw diameter


The quantity of screw

2 pieces

length and diameter rate

L/D: 22:1

Screw rotation

converse-direction, outside rotation



Barrel hardness


Material of barrel

38CrMoALA under nitrogen treatment

The depth of nitrogen layer


Barrel heating

cast aluminum heating circle

Heating power

four sections ,total power : 20kw

Barrel cooling

fan cooling, three cooling zones, 180w*3

Exhaust type

vacuum exhausted

Vacuum pump


Material loading type

spiral auto

loader capacity



Screw barrel supporting and adjusting tool, made by high quality steel, hard chrome plating treatment for high hardness. Bolts are made by stainless steel.


Feeding method

Double screw Calibrated feeding

Hopper material

304 stainless steel

Feeding screw’s rotation speed


Motor powerkW


Motor rotation speed


Speed-adjusting method

Governed by AC transducer

Working method of the motor

3-phase asynchronous motor, direct connection to reducer


Driving system:

The power of main driving motor:

37Kw motor from Siemens brand, controlled by ABB inverter

Working method of the main motor

Three-phase asynchronous motor, connected to the gearbox by coupler

The rotation speed of the main motor


The type of gearbox

Helical gears, hardened, from JIANGYIN


Carburized and ground; The material is 20CrMoTi

Distribution box

The two distribution axles are driven by super-taper spiral gear

Speed-adjusting method of the main motor

Governed by AC transducer exported from ABB company




external circulating cooling system


Imported thrust bearings ,high torque output

Gear material

20CrMnTi carbonated, harden gear surface, teeth grinding.


long service span and low noisy,

Low heating generated gearbox.


Vacuum exhausting system:


Monoblock and hydroseal vacuum pump

Motor power (kW)


Working method of the motor

Three-phase asynchronous motor

Vacuum degree


Quantity of vacuum pumps

One set

Advantage of Hegu WPC extruder
WPC extruder
Special designed high quality WPC extruder
1, The gearbox is from Guomao brand which is top brand in China, its advantage is low noise, stably performance, long using life, big power. our Romania customer used this gearbox for 8 years already and still working good.
2, the special designed double screw hopper is good using for WPC material which with uniform material, with double screw rotating, the powder or granules or flakes in WPC material can be uniform feeded to the extruder.
3, High quality motor, we supply Siemens motor or Hongqi motor, both are top brand in China, our customer used our Hongqi motor for 8 years already and it still working good.
4, our extruder structure is made by casting iron which is very strong, it is very important to reduce the machine shaking in running condition, so the strong structure can give long using life and also stably production
Special designed WPC screw with Bimetallic material
The WPC material with high wood percentage may easy damage the screw of WPC extruder because of big friction in the machine working. Our WPC screw is specially designed and made for WPC material.


Bimetallic Material: Tungsten Carbide alloy

Hardness After Hardening&TemperingHB280-320

Nitrided HardnessHRC55~58

Nitrided Case Depth0.45mm-0.7mm

Nitrided BrittlenessLess than Grade 2

Surface RoughnessRa0.4um

Screw Straightness0.015mm

Bimetallic HardnessHRC65

Bimetallic Depth: 2.5 mm

WPC screw
WPC barrel
Special designed WPC barrel with SKD coating
Our barrel for WPC extruder is specially made with SKD coating, according to different material, we have half SKD coating design and full SKD coating design.
the SKD material is used for increasing the wearing resistance of the barrel to against the big frication in the WPC extrusion.
if the Barrel has been damaged by the frication in WPC extrusion, then the gap between screw and barrel shall be bigger and bigger, and the screw rotating maybe get problem because of the gap, and finally the screw will be also be damaged.
so it is very important to get strong barrel to increasing the using life for both screw and barrel.
the SKD coating barrel shall increase the using life to be 1.5-2 times comparing with the normal barrel.
Top quality electricity control cabinet
Our electricity control system is special designed according to our 22 years manufacturing experience
1, Top quality components: ABB inverter, Siemens contractor, Omron temperature control, Siemens PLC control
2, Humanization design: the cabinet design is humanized for engineer operation, all the cables has well placed in order and with detailed marks, all the doors with visual glass, all sides of cabinet with cooling blowers.
3, turntable operation panel: the operation panel is designed with turntable arm near to the die where engineer will standing when operation the machine
4, one cable electric supply: for supplying electricity to the whole line, customer only need to use one main cable to connect with the cabinet power switch, and the cabinet will supply the electricity to all the auxiliary devices in the wpc extrusion line
5, customized design: we also can design the electricity control system according to customer's requirements.
WPC machine electric control
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